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Ode to Pencils

-Matthew S., 6th Grade

They are held in my drawer
ready to write, imagine, and explore!
When I pick one up it is filled with so much glee
waiting, just waiting to explore my imagination and ingenuity.

A pencil like a golden boat writing down everything on its sea.
It’s a traveler and the paper is its course.
It’s like a car
riding upon the road
and it makes skid marks everywhere it goes.

It is speechless yet it says so much.
It is a recorder, a writer, a poet, a Picasso.
One side a constructor…making new things.
The other side like a magician making things disappear.

One side is like a little kid making a mess
while the other is the mom
the one to clean things up and fix the mistakes.

It is like a horse making prints upon the ground
and the only sound it makes is a “snap”
when the graphite breaks
and it must take a nap.

Then I pick up a new pencil
because he has been waiting for his journey to begin.

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-by Dan H., 7th Grade

At the beach I feel the soft sand.
I lay down on my towel and fall asleep
the lullabying sound of the frothy waves hugging the shore.
The seagulls calling as I walk
while the water tags my toes.
I know I am relaxed.
I wander into the ocean,
take a deep breath of salty air.
As I leave I know
I will be back soon.

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by Olivia K. – 6th Grade

It is a word we use every day;
Do we really know what it means?
It is a black pit that lies deep beneath us
with splashes of light along the way
(but almost all dark).

Don’t pretend you don’t have it,
Because we know you do.
Everyone does. They just hide it;
the pit becomes deeper and deeper…
all is lost.

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The Diary of Anne Frank

by Lily M. – 6th grade

On April 14, 2010 two sixth grade English classes stepped onto a yellow school bus. Twenty minutes later they walked into the semi-darkness of the theater awaiting a play and experience they would never forget.

This play follows the story of a young Jewish girl becoming a woman. During World War 2, Anne and her family escape the persecution of Jews by going into hiding. As two years pass Anne Frank, with pen in hand, records her experiences, thoughts, and feelings in a plaid diary. As food becomes scarce and discovery lurks in every corner, Anne face hunger, loneliness, and isolation. She turns to her diary for consolation and sanctuary.

The youthful actress playing Anne was flawless. She bounced around energetically and her lines were spoken quickly but clearly. When I first saw the actress playing Mrs. Van Daan I gaped. I don’t understand how they could have a more perfect person. Boisterous and dramatic, this actress gets five stars. Now Margot was a different story: although she looked and acted like Margot, her lines weren’t very well spoken and were a bit mediocre.

As the play came to a close I sprang up and clapped my hands as loud as I could. This play had everything: drama, romance, and humor. Well, what are you waiting for? Go see it!

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by Christina O. – grade 6

She is a faithful girl
Whispers the light pink rosary
Draped on the hutch of her old wooden desk.
She is a heavy sleeper
Yawns the sleepy sagging pillow
Resting on the slouching unmade bed.
She is a lover of sports
Squeak the brand new black Nike sneakers
Strewn at the foot of the bed after basketball practice.
But she is not one for clutter
Chatter the pens and pencils neatly
Stored in the old wooden desk.

She has an eye for style
States her fashionable wardrobe.
She has a bubbly personality
Chirps the cheerful flower bedspread in the
Purple room with the yellow furniture.
She is young at heart
Giggle the plush stuffed animals lying at the foot of her bed.
But she’ll never be lonely
Say the pictures of family and friends
On her crowded yellow dresser in her quaint purple room.

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by Claire W. – 6th Grade



A bird flying south

Through the dimming sky

 Has really no choice

But to fly or to die.



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