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by Natalie K., 8th Grade

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-by Molly G., 8th Grade

“Until now, I had never doubted that I could achieve anything I wanted. The future had been full of infinite possibilities.” – Ji-li from Red Scarf Girl.

When I heard the words “anything I wanted”, I forgot for a minute that the book was non-fiction. Infinite possibilities don’t always seem so infinite, but I know in my heart that they are. And saying I’ve “never doubted”, would be a lie. I have doubted myself so many times, but that’s nothing compared to the amount of times I’ve pushed myself to succeed. People have told me to stop trying before, to leave all my hard work behind and move forward. Sometimes, even when I know they’re right, I don’t listen. I don’t leave the hard work behind. I’ll never stop. I know I have limits, restrictions in my life that have been put there to help hide me from the frightening sight of failure. But limits are meant to be pushed to the max, and failure is only a PG movie, the hardwork along the way is the scary part.

There was a time in my life when I believed that if I wasn’t perfect, I wasnt smart or good enough for my teachers. “No one’s perfect.”, this familiar phrase rang in my ears all through elementary school. I had an extremely difficult time believing those words. My first grade teacher, Ms. Wall, had once told me to always make my work perfect. I took her words into deep consideration in every sentence, word, and letter that I wrote. I couldn’t finish any of my work on time, as I battled with feelings of anger and confusion over the word “perfect”. My “unfinished work folder” was stuffed to the brim, overflowing with spelling practice activities and math boxes. For some strange reason, I thought that if every letter wasn’t perfectly sized or wasn’t as neat as my friend’s work, I would need to start over. Thankfully, this abnormal phase only lasted about three months, and I caught up on my work quickly after I realized I was making a fool of myself. After that year, I figured out that perfection doesn’t lead to success, because no one’s perfect. It’s the effort that leads you to success in the long run.

Ever since I was little, I’ve had huge plans for my future. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher or a fashion designer. Having two siblings that are both close to my age helps with trying my best. All three of us are really competitive, so we’re always trying to beat each other or settle the score, whether it’s on the basketball court, in the pool, or in school. Even though I’ve doubted that I have the ability to succeed in the past, that’s not going to happen anymore. I’ve felt very confident this year, and I’m working hard to be my best and follow my dreams. If you never stop believing, than infinite possibilities will stay infinite, and never doubting yourself will become a reality.

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-by Claire W., 8th Grade

Adventure ahoy!
Unexplored lands lay ahead.
My ship plows forward.

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