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A Piece of Fan Fiction by Beth M., 8th  Grade

I never anticipated being caught by a teacher, they were all so oblivious. I was terrified. I slowly turned around and expected to see Mrs. O’Neil, a lanky, curmudgeonly old woman. To my relief, I realized the hand didn’t belong to a teacher, but to a student. I recognized him from my art class. He was a quiet boy who always managed to wear blue, wether it be a t shirt or hoodie. He wasn’t like the other students; he didn’t get into all the drama of high school? I had always noticed him sitting alone, keeping to himself. “Um, hello Anna.” said the boy. “W-Where are you going?”


I stood there, unsure of what to say. What if he ratted me out to the teachers? I would surely be suspended, or worse. “I… Um…” The boy cut me off. “You were going to run away, weren’t you?” he asked eagerly. “Oh I’ve always wanted to leave this town behind!” he exclaimed passionately. Then his face brightened “We could run away together!” I skeptically raised an eyebrow. “I don’t know…” “Oh c’mon! It’ll be fun!” I looked into the boy’s eyes and saw his genuine enthusiasm. I impulsively gave in. “Alright. I guess it would be cool to run away with a buddy…” He immediately shook my hand. “I’m Invy!” “Invy… That’s an odd name.” I smiled “I like it. It’s nice to meet you Invy” I started. “And as much as I would love to stay here and continue chatting, I think it’s about time we get going.” He grinned and we left in silence. We knew nobody would notice.

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