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Our Baby

by Liz T., 8th Grade

courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Think of the Earth as a baby.  Babies are helpless and can’t do anything for themselves.  They rely on people to nurture it, protect it, and help it.  The Earth does too.  The Earth is our “baby” and Americans are acting like a neglecting mother.  When a baby cries, a person will come and comfort it.  Right now, our Earth is crying out to us.   But Americans continue to ignore it and continue to act greedy, selfish and lazy.  When a baby needs help, someone is there to help it.  Our Earth is asking us for help and many people are not responding.  When a baby is sick, a person will nurture it back to health. Our Earth is sick.  The Earth that we live on,  the Earth that we take advantage of, the Earth that we play on, is sick.  It is our job to nurse it back to health.   Everything we do affects the Earth, from the food we eat from the fertilizer we use.  We are destroying the Earth and its resources. It is about time we recognize what we are doing and how we can put a stop to it.

Americans devour food.  We take advantage of it, while some people in other countries don’t know when they will eat next.  Together, Americans eat 1,649,630,427 pounds of food a day.  When we sit down to eat, we don’t think about the resources used to give us the food.  For example, there is so much more to an egg then just a chicken hatching it.  It takes gas for the truck to deliver the egg, coal used to generate electricity for its refrigeration, plastic for its packaging and the resources used to boil or fry the egg.  An American will eat 19,826 eggs per lifetime.  One would think that’s enough.  But Americans just keep on demanding more- just like with meat.  An individual will eat six pigs in their life.  Each of those pigs weighs about 600 pounds.  The amount of pork we eat is nothing compared to the chicken we eat.  One person will consume 1,423 chickens in a lifetime.  Sure, meat gives us protein, but there are many other sources of protein available.

 Not only do we each cattle, but we also drink its milk.  The love for milk starts at a very young age.  It is found in our cereal, coffee, ice cream, cake and so much more.  Milk is in so many foods that we can consume it without even realizing.  A whole industry is busy preparing, preserving, packaging and transporting the milk to us.  The industry is releasing carbon dioxide, the packaging uses plastic, and the truck transporting the milk is also releasing carbon dioxide into the air we breathe in.  But Americans don’t care how bad they are hurting the Earth, because they still manage to consume 13,056 pints of milk per person in a lifetime.

Everyone likes to have a green lawn.  It looks really nice and impressive.  But would you put your life in danger just so you can have a green lawn?  Many people would answer no to this question, but they are probably doing it without even realizing.  

Fertilizers have nitrogen in them.  Nitrogen is a greenhouse gas.  The toxic chemicals can kill plants, and put pets and humans in danger.  Also, the chemicals from the fertilizers can get into our water systems.  This is bad enough, but it gets worse.  The chemicals can go into lakes and rivers and cause algae to grow.  The algae covers the water and blocks sunlight.  If the ecosystems do not receive the sunlight they need, they will get all messed up.  This is all because Americans want green grass.  No towns can ban a fertilizer, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it.  Go against using fertilizer!  Take a stand.  It is time to make a difference in this world.  We have abused the Earth, and it has gone too far.  Every human affects the Earth and every human can make a difference.

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