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by Laurel E., 8th Grade

Now I can’t sleep
I stare at the blank ceiling
Remembering dreams

Painting by Adolf Friedrich Erdmann von Menzel

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A Response to John Donne’s “No Man is an Island”

by Willy D., 8th Grade

No man is a bagel
all made of wheat
bagels have no eyes
bagels can’t tell lies
and have no feet

No bagel you’ll meet
has ever stole a dollar
or a thousand or two
from the bank down the street
like us people do

A bagel is tasty
as long as it’s smothered
with a very thick layer
with some condiment or another
like a creamy white cover

I like all my bagels
with some kind of addition
like chocolate or raisins
lain out with precision
inside of its breading
where my mouth is heading

People aren’t like bagels
you can’t cut inside them
with a small plastic knife
and see what comprises them

You can’t take a life
and put cream cheese inside of it
you can’t take a man apart
and look at his heart
and see what resides in it
like a raisin or poppy seed
no one’s that easy to read.
Or at least I hope so.

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