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Traffic Free

-by Jane D., 8th Grade

As humans, we feel day after day. As writers, words are our resource to share those feelings. There is certain magical air about every experience that is not only felt, it is lived. So, the challenge I see in writing is giving someone the gift of an experience that they didn’t live. It is also transferring that indescribable magic through nothing but words on a page. Whenever I sit down to write I often find myself wrestling with words to find that perfect adjective. I try out words, but I never am able to find the one that truly describes that magic I felt. I generally get frustrated and settle for a word that is insufficient.

I have realized that one word isn’t going to create the ambiance of a moment. The story has to have little hints of the magic scattered across the page. I have to think back to that space in time and the things that were running through my head. The first word that comes to mind will help guide me in the right direction. However, it won’t be the only sufficient adjective. It will just set the mood, and begin the process of the reader feeling how I felt. Words are the bridge between the writer and the reader. Bridges can be beautiful and they can take you where the writer wants you to go. They also can be ugly and get you in a traffic jam so horrendous the reader ends up turning around. As a writer my responsibility is to create a beautiful traffic free bridge. I will overcome this challenge by setting a mood using sensory details and well thought out adjectives. I am determined to get my readers over the bridge with a full and emotional connection to what was on the page.

In the future I want to write pieces that bring out emotion in my readers. I want them to feel as though they were in my head feeling the moment along with me. I don’t want my writing to just be a school assignment. I want it to make people feel and inspire readers to do things they never dared. I want them to run across the bridge I create without the fear that they will hit some traffic. The future me will question words and challenge herself to make the reader understand the magic of that moment. This year I hope to get my writing to that beautiful traffic free bridge that takes readers where writing has never taken them before.

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