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-by Drew J., Grade 8

“I didn’t really plan on it at all,” says Willy Downing, who plays the lead role of Tevye in Parker’s ‘Fiddler on the Roof’, when asked why he decided to try out for the musical. “When people told me to [try out] I guess I felt I had to, otherwise I would let a lot of people down.” He later goes on to say “I thought there was little to no chance [I’d] get the role…When I got called back for the role of Tevye, I actually thought I had a chance.”

Fiddler on the Roof takes place in 1905 Russia. The country is in the midst of major political changes, and one of the things going on is unkind treatment to the Jews in Russia. This musical follows the family of Tevye, who is a Jewish milk man and the father of five daughters. They go through some of the changing traditions and hardships of a Jew living in Russia during this time.

Willy also says that he sings in most musical pieces and believes he has over 100 lines. They’ve been rehearsing since January, so he feels he should be ready by opening night. “The last couple of weeks we rehearse every day.” said Mr. Clark, who is Parker’s music teacher and the director of the drama club. I asked Mr. Clark if he likes working with kids more than adults. “Absolutely,” was his response “I have never directed adults [and] don’t plan on working with adults…I relate to kids better.”

If you think that this production will be low-tech then you’re wrong. There are over a hundred different people other than the cast involved working on things such as props, lighting, sound effects and music. “It’s a huge community effort,” said Mr. Clark. He goes on to praise Mrs. Davis, Ms. Copeland and Mrs. Webster for their contributions. There is a lot to do, however Mr. Clark seems confident saying “We will definitely be ready for opening night.”

Willy seems to be enjoying his time acting, saying “The most fun thing by far is actually being on the stage…It’s almost like the whole place you’re in changes to that scenario…I’ll probably be in more plays after this.” Willy is currently in a band, but I asked if his musical career doesn’t take-off would he ever consider acting. He responded “I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.”

I’ve heard many great things about past Parker productions and I’d expect no less from this one. Tickets are $9 and $7. You can find more information on how to buy them on Parker’s Edline page. Show times are listed below.

Thursday March 3rd @ 6pm
Friday March 4th @ 7:30pm
Saturday March 5th @ 2pm

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by Simran P. – 6th Grade


    On Thursday, March 18th, our Chorus group wen ton a trip to the Boston Opera House to watch a great Broadway musical, The Lion King, stage directed by Julie Taymor. With a total length of about three hours, the musical is about a little lion named Simba who dreams of following his father’s footsteps to become king of the pride lands. One day, Mufasa, Simba’s father, reminds his son that he won’t always be around. When his father does die in the story, Simba learns that it is all up to him. He gets tricked by his cruel uncle Scar, and runs away. Much later, he is reminded that his father lives in him, which is finally when Simba discovers his royal power. With many action-packed scenes, The Lion King is powerfully weaved together to be a sensational musical.
    One thing that I greatly enjoyed about the production was the amazing costumes and stage decor. It File:BuyiZama Rafiki Taiwan.jpgfelt like everything fit into place amazingly. Much of the stage effects used were very creative, and helped make the story even more powerful. The characters did a great job with each of their roles, and the whole performance overall was theatrical.
    My favorite character in the play was Simba, the cute little baby cub that every member of the audience completely fell in love with while watching the show. While starting off as the playful baby lion with a curious personality, Simba grows to be a strong, powerful king, reflecting the strength of his father. With the help of Rafiki, the crazy baboon, Simba realizes who he really is, the king of the pride lands. This is definitely one reason why I am such a big fan of The Lion King. It was a great field trip, that will certainly become one of my favorite memories of sixth grade. 

Photo Courtesy of WikiMedia Commons

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by Ashley V., Grade 7File:Pied piper.jpg

The Pied Piper is a wonderful musical filled with great songs, strong emotions, and an amazing cast. 

The Pied Piper, played by Aidan Marchetti, leads many creatures away from Hamelintown.   Paul Sanford does a great job of realistically portraying the mayor of the town.  The cast is really talented!  The dance tutor, played by Elaina Stevens, has a great voice and really plays the character  she is supposed to be.

Not just the cast, but also the crew has put in a lot of effort to make this show run properly.  The lights and sounds really add  effect, almost like that in a television show.  Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Stone have really put a lot of time into this magical show, as well as the cast and crew. The show dates are March 4th, 5th, and 6th; this is a suspenseful show you don’t want to miss!  Please come and support Parker’s school play!

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