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by Elaina S. – 8th Grade

Gentle hearts are the garden

Gentle deeds are the fruits

Gentle words are the flowers

Gentle thoughts are the roots

My great aunt Leontine made me a pillow and stitched those exact words on it. Each sentence means something different, but they all relate to each other.

Gentle hearts are the garden. What happens in a garden? Things grow. Plants are grown and nurtured. When those seeds are put into the soil, they don’t all grow the same. Some may sprout up fast then slow, while others may grow a little bit larger each day. People with gentle hearts allow seeds to grow. Gentle hearts allow people to grow the way they are designed to grow. Gentle hearts understand that seeds and people all grow differently.

Gentle deeds are the fruits. A good deed is something person does out of the goodness of their heart. It is the fruit of the gentle heart. The fruits grow because they have been nurtured in the garden. The deeds are nurtured from the gentle heart. A good deed is the thing someone will remember. They may not remember the person who did the good deed, but they will remember the deed itself. The deed itself speaks volumes.

Gentle words are the flowers. Flowers are pretty and they are appealing. Flowers are nice to look at, and gentle words are nice to hear. You could say something extremely nice and that could make someone’s day.

Gentle thoughts are roots. The roots are the base of any plant. Roots are the invisible strength. You don’t see the roots, but they are there, supporting the plant, feeding the plant, and allowing the plant to survive. There would be no fruits or flowers without the roots. The garden would be dead. Thoughts are the invisible strength behind the gentle deeds, the gentle words, and the gentle heart. Without gentle thoughts, there would be no gentle words, gentle deeds, and there would be no gentle hearts. There would be no garden.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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