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-by Olivia B., 7th Grade

Photo Courtesy of WikiMedia Commons

Look up to where the trees meet the sky.  See the beautiful clouds, like dove’s wings, embracing, covering the Earth, set against the dark, twisted branches.  Snow is falling lightly to the ground, softly, hushed.  The world is asleep.

See the crystallized branches, dripping with icicles, their diamonds.

Smell the balsam fir, that unique scent, spicy and minty and wintry and warm.

Stand back a little from the crowd, and listen.  What do you hear?

Silence is not quite as silent as you thought, is it?

Feel the icy cold, as your breathing makes little puffs in the air.  It makes your lungs freeze when you draw breath.

You hear a branch snap.  The crowd is moving on, and you must follow – but follow slowly.

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Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

A Poetic Response to Nature’s Classroom

by Talia M., 7th Grade


Tiny stories

Embedded in ice


Lying in wait

Begging to resurface again

They call to me


My reflection

Playing tricks

Things dancing

In the ice

Telling me stories

Of seasons past



The ice will tell mine.

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