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-by Kerry B., 8th Grade

A muskrat. One sign that spring is here. It has come out of hibernation and is now swimming in the warming waters of the Ipswich River.

As I was walking in the town forest with my mom, our dog Hally, and our friend’s dog Roxy, we were lucky to see this awesome animal. With just enough time to take a picture, the muskrat was out of the water and back in. All within seconds! Who knows how long this animal has been awake this Spring. It is a clear sign that the weather is going to be clearing up.

Animals have a way of knowing when things are going to be happening. Which is why I believe “when in doubt, follow an animal.” I think that over the next couple of weeks we will see that the weather is going to become much nicer and the snow will be a thing of the past.

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by Claire W. – 6th Grade



A bird flying south

Through the dimming sky

 Has really no choice

But to fly or to die.



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