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Spring is Coming

-by Jennifer K., 7th Grade

Spring is coming,
it’s almost here.
The air smells fresh,
the sky is clear.

The trees are budding,
the sun is warming.
A occasional rain shower,
here and there.

The snow has melted,
the grass is brown.
The birds are coming back again,
to nest and lay their eggs.

Animals are stirring,
the hibernation soon to cease.
Spring is coming,
and it’s here.

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-Lance V., 8th Grade

This glorious painting
All around us
The beauty, the detail.

Ah! look at those flowers
Poking up through the melting snow
Each blade of gras standing out
Drawn beautifully by the trees with buds.

The clouds in the sky
Darkening, a sign of rain
The birds fly in all around
Each and every detail around is beautifully painted.

I can’t help but think:
“What will it be like tomorrow?”

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