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by Jarrod T. – 8th Grade

Life is everywhere
Deep oceans and high mountains
Life will adapt

What is life defined as?
Is it something that moves or breathes
Or is it much more?

Water is a key
A key that unlocks life
an ever-changing life.

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by Mary Kate K. – 8th Grade

School is finally out! The only thing on anyone’s mind is spending a nice hot day on the beach. Go ahead! Run to the beach or the neighborhood pool. It is all fun and games until you get home and realize you are scorched. Not only are sunburns painful, but long term exposure to the sun can also cause serious skin damage.

Girl Scout Troop 73712 has embarked on a community service campaign targeted towards children ages 2-6. In an effort to promote healthy skin care and prevent skin cancer, the scouts have created a coloring book with adorable pictures and a funny story featuring “Timmy.” The silly story educates the youngsters about protecting their skin while in the sun.

On June 19th between 11 am and 3 pm, stop by the “Teens-to-Tots” booth at the 7th Annual Reading Friends and Family Day (sponsored by the Reading Lions Club) to get your free coloring book and sunscreen samples provided by Oil of Olay. This event will be held at the Birch Meadow Area in Reading.

While visiting the booth, kids can win fabulous prizes by answering “fun sun safety questions” and visiting Timmy’s duck pond. While visiting the booth, parents should make sure to enter their child’s name to win a REI hat or t-shirt made from UPF 50+ fabric. The booth will also feature brochures and bookmarks provided by the Curt and Shonda Schilling SHADE Foundation.

The funding for much of this project was earned by the scouts through the sale of the “2010 Sites of Reading Calendar”. The scouts will earn their Girl Scout Silver Award, the second highest award in Girl Scouting, upon completion of the Teens-to-Tots project. For further information, visit their website at http://www.teens-to-tots.com or call 781 944-3620.

The scouts would like to thank Oil of Olay, REI, Nestle Pure Life Water, and the SHADE Foundation for their generous donations of products and information. They couldn’t do it without their generous contributions.

Cadette Girl Scout Troop 73712 of Reading is composed of five middle school scouts, Mia Cappuccio, Kasey Cook, Mary Kate Kelley, Sandra Sgroi and Grace Stroman. Reading is part of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts which serves more than 45,000 girls ages 5-17 in the 178 communities served in Eastern Massachusetts.

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by Olivia K. – 6th Grade

It is a word we use every day;
Do we really know what it means?
It is a black pit that lies deep beneath us
with splashes of light along the way
(but almost all dark).

Don’t pretend you don’t have it,
Because we know you do.
Everyone does. They just hide it;
the pit becomes deeper and deeper…
all is lost.

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by Courtney D. – 8th Grade

What is a country
that has people travel to marvel
at the large stone buildings
that protect the leaders that
have led us into despair and war?

Is it taking pride in our accomplishments,
is it smiling at the power we pass,
or the feeling that that kind of thinking
is out of reach?

We have built walls to remember the brave.
We have built walls to remember the strong.
But have we built the most beautiful walls of all
to mask the mediocrity of our wilting leaders?

The brave soldiers get a slab of white stone;
The leaders who are responsible for those deaths
sit in a marble home
with all the riches of the world.

What is a country like this country?

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by Kaylee R. – 8th Grade

My classmates placing a wreath in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers.

My classmates placing a wreath in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


“19, 20, 21, stop. Turn right, click shoes and count.”

A worn black mat under his shiny black shoes.

A sparkling wooden rifle over his shoulder.


Twenty-one seconds left,

Twenty-one seconds forward,

Twenty-one steps across the black mat.


Another soldier will take his place in the night.

But he will not be alone,

Three soldiers only known to God lie before him.


The white stone turned brown

In places shiny black shoes stood at attention.

Always guarded are the souls of the unknown.


Twenty-one seconds right,

Twenty-one seconds forward,

Twenty-one steps across the black mat.


The Sargent appears with a replacement,

But the soldier keeps walking.

Only when an other steps in with him will he lower his weapon.


Three soldiers only known to God lie before him.

Always guarded are the souls of the unknown.

Only when an other steps in with him will he lower his weapon.

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by Sam B. – 8th Grade

Free stuff abundant
The store in the food court
You want this? Bring guy,

give me twenty dollars,
you get this and this and this
you want this too? sure

black headphones first, then
glasses and laser pointer,
speakers and more for free,

switchblade comb, earbuds,
one kid gets an army helmet,
everyone screams

“That store, it’s all free!”
armies of kids exit
bulging blue bags in hand.

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by Dylan S. – 8th Grade

The old Frostblood stood
atop the frozen citadel.
Stared maliciously down
upon the Crusade.
It’s breath,
a glacial wind.
Its talons cutting cleanly
through the heart
of the Crusade.

After the loss,
thy lighted leader
” We shall endure, and create,
this land for our future brethren.
To take Icecrown, we establish the future
for our children.”

With a long, hard battle cry,
they flew towards the Icecrown,
towards the Frostblood.
The clash of light and frost
was catastrophic
and creating.
The Explosion of the past,
we know of
was thy result.

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