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by Maddie D. – 8th Grade

Ever heard the expression “The elephant in the room”? It means that something important or big is there, but we all choose to ignore it; to pretend like it’s not there.

Well there’s an elephant in the halls of our school. It’s how we treat each other. We all know we do it, and we all know it’s wrong. Well if we are told over and over again that we need to change our behavior, then why do we choose to ignore it? We all seem like ignorant, lazy people if we don’t even attempt to fix our behavior. Dr. Michael Fowlin’s assembly was a wake up call for me. It opened my eyes to the difference between the way we act towards eachother and the way we should act towards eachother.

FowlinDr. Michael Fowlin’s assembly was extremely influencial. The reason that it impacted me so much was that it was so raw and true. He didn’t hold back at all. He approached our problems head-on and tied in his own personal struggles. However, the thing that I appreciated the most was the fact that he took on problems from at least six different perspectives. Each one of them had completley different personalities, situations, problems, and characteristics. He took on the roles of a six year old boy, a gay football player, a teenage girl, an “emo” young adult, and more. Despite their differences, they all had one thing in common; they had problems that were made worse and even caused by the people around them. Everything that Dr. Michael Fowlin did was shocking, but in a good way.

Dr. Michael Fowlin wasn’t afraid to accuse us of what we all know we do, which was shocking. Every other assembly or activity on this subject didn’t change me at all. It just repeated what we’ve all heard before. I especially liked how he compared us to different types of animals. It painted a picture in my mind, and frankly, was spot-on. When he compared us to zebras, it was almost funny how right he was. The other comparison I liked was the moth. The whole idea of constantly trying to find the light, no matter how much time you have, made me want to work harder in school and life in general.

Another thing I liked was when he came right out and said that at least four people in the audience didn’t get told they were beautiful. It only instantly proved him right when he said that there were kids in this school that were dealing with hard times.

Dr. Michael Fowlin is exactly the type of person I want to be. He is honest, bold, and uses the pain and suffering he lived through to impact the lives of hundreds of people. That is the light I want to reach in my life.

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by Rachel F. – 8th Grade

We are forced to do many things in life. For example doing chores, being nice to people we don’t patricularly like, and following rules. There are some things, however, that we choose to do. That’s the beautiful thing about free reading. You’re completely independent in choice and you’re not forced to read a book you don’t like. It’s very interesting to see what type of book people choose on their own. Also you’re not forced to read a certain amount of pages each night (just as long as you read a book and finish it in a certain amount of time). Makes you wan’t to pick up a book and start reading now, doesn’t it?


Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater was very thrilling to read and had an excellent ending. Take out the boy in a romance and replace him with a werewolf and that makes a more interesting plot. Sam and Grace’s relationship was unsteady, which kept me on edge and reading. _Rachel F.

small steps

Small Steps by Louis Sachar was extremely entertaining to read. I would recommend it to anyone. It was fast-passed, but still easy to follow. I was able to understand most of it the first time I read it. Out of all the books by Louis Sachar, I think this is the best, and any eighth grader would love._Bella G.


The Midnight Twins by Jacquelyn Mitchard was a pretty good book I suppose. It was somewhat confusing because the author kept bringing in new characters without really introducing them. I would recommend this book though to someone who’s trying to find a good read. It was interesting_Sara H.


Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is not what I expected it to be. The beginning and middle parts were a bit boring, but it ended more riveting than I expected. It was a bit confusing at some parts. Towards the end it changes a lot, and you can’t put it down_Jackie M.


Beastly by Alex Flinn is dark; defying. The cover portrayed something deeper than it was, something that I thought would be filled with pain and despair. Boy, was I wrong. It was too cliché, too expected. It’s the same thing that always happens – boy is beautiful. Gets punished. Learns his lesson. Happy ending._Maddie D.

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