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Ode to Pencils

-Matthew S., 6th Grade

They are held in my drawer
ready to write, imagine, and explore!
When I pick one up it is filled with so much glee
waiting, just waiting to explore my imagination and ingenuity.

A pencil like a golden boat writing down everything on its sea.
It’s a traveler and the paper is its course.
It’s like a car
riding upon the road
and it makes skid marks everywhere it goes.

It is speechless yet it says so much.
It is a recorder, a writer, a poet, a Picasso.
One side a constructor…making new things.
The other side like a magician making things disappear.

One side is like a little kid making a mess
while the other is the mom
the one to clean things up and fix the mistakes.

It is like a horse making prints upon the ground
and the only sound it makes is a “snap”
when the graphite breaks
and it must take a nap.

Then I pick up a new pencil
because he has been waiting for his journey to begin.

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