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-by Brad B., 8th Grade

I remember the fresh mountain air of Lincoln, NH. It was like nature’s air conditioning in the middle of the summer. We arrived at our condo and unpacked everything. We brought food, drinks, clothes, video games and most importantly bathing suits and sneakers.

It was a beautiful day outside. Hot at home before we left, but refreshing and breezy in the mountains. It was like that until about 5:15 pm. The clouds started rolling in over Loon Mountain, and we had a perfect view from the living room of our condo. It drizzled a bit but then over the mountain, after it cleared up a magnificent rainbow appeared almost like it was part of the mountains.

By nightfall my Dad called the family onto the deck. We saw the stars in glory outlining the mountains in amazing patterns. Thousands of them, lighting up the sky, like little candles viewed from afar. We saw the Big Dipper, Little Dipper and other constellations. The stars were so visible because there were no bright lights shining around us, just the quiet mountains.

Off went the TV, the ipods, the DS’s and the family gathered on the deck. The cool night air chilled us all. We gathered pillows and blankets and arranged ourselves like fallen sticks under a tree, each getting our own view of the spectacular night sky. We watched quietly and pointed out what appeared to be a moving star, but was really a satellite. My Mom said, if we were patient, we would see a shooting star.

We waited for what seemed to be forever, gazing up at the beautiful night sky. The payoff was spectacular. The streak of light flew across the sky like a spark jumping from a fire. We all gasped at almost the same second.

Feeling satisfied by this celestial event, I went back inside. I watched a little tv and had a snack. Then I changed and got into bed. When I closed my eyes the images of that day would be stuck inside my mind until I finally fell asleep. The memory of the beautiful rainbow and starlit night will remain in my mind forever.

Photos Courtesy of WikiMedia Commons

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