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-by Walter G., 8th Grade

courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Have Boston’s streets ever hit you at the heart? Have they ever made you cry? Millions of people struggle in the streets of our cities. Homelessness is everywhere; it’s not an uncommon thing to see. Boston is where I live and I am not proud of what the economy and the world has done to most people. Lost jobs, incredible amounts of debt and when it’s all been said… no one volunteers to step in and help.

At the Holocaust Memorial I noticed a man sleeping on a bench in ragged clothing and I felt sorry and helpless towards him. This is where we live. And this is the place we call home. What is home? The clear definition is not as easy for those like the man sleeping on the bench. In their mind they simply need to survive.

The next time you feel pity amongst your existence or feel the world is falling down onto your shoulders, think about the ones who actually have the world on their shoulders. You could be one of those on the streets with a tin can, looking in the eyes of the people who throw you quarters or pennies. Think about your life and how lucky you are to be in the position you are in. Think about their lives. Who is there for them to reach out to?

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