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-by Grace T., 8th Grade

Kelstar’s Riddle: “Is time the wheel that turns, or the track it leaves behind?”

Time is the Wheel that turns.
And also the Track which the Wheel leaves behind.
The Wheel is never present;

It does not falter, does not waver, does not cease.
It does not stop in its forward venture
To see what it leaves in its wake.
Unstopping, unstoppable, the Wheel pushes on.
It strives to reach the future.

The Wheel of Time creates life.
Devours life.

Builds mountains.
Tears them down.

The Wheel is the whisper of softest memory
The lullaby of birth
The grinding scream of death.

The Wheel dances in the laughter of a child,
Smiles through the wise eyes of age.


The Track is both history
And that which is beyond.
It is the path of the past,
And the foretelling of the future.

The Track began before the Wheel,
And forever stretches on.
It is that which remains unseen
And yet, is seen by all.

The Track is the howl of a lone wolf,
Traveling through the years,
To bridge the present with the raw beginnings of life
In the primitive age when wolves ran free.

Time is the Wheel that turns.
And also the Track that it leaves behind.

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