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Cough, Blow, Oh No

by Lauren F., 8th Grade

Sure my head is pounding.
So what if my nose sounds like bullhorns as I blow.
And who cares if my sinuses are as swollen as balloons.
I am at school and feeling like that second grader again.
That feeling of embarrassment where everyone looks at you because your nose is red and you talk funny.
But no, I am a big girl now and you must deal with all the physical and mental symptoms of this terrible day.
As I walk over to the tissues again it’s almost as if the box is talking.
Taunting me with words like “here we are again” and “someone’s nose looks disgusting as ever”.
But my nose is not my only stressor here, I have this cough.
A cough that I only thought old smokers had, but it was mine.
Every congested sound that comes out of my mouth sounds like a symphony of sick and I was the composer chained to its instruments.
But when I come home I reach for another tissue or glass of tea hoping it will defeat this nasty sickness.
So I will take another sip and blow another blow.
Waiting and waiting for this burn to go.
But here we are again day 11.
And nothing’s changed.

photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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