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Weird or Pure Genius?

A Review of Disney Channel’s Gravity Falls

by Matt A., 8th Grade

What category do you think these things fit into? Lawn norms, psychics, and boy bands. If you said, a group of random things, then you are dead wrong. These were fit under the category of plot twists thrown in to Disney channel’s hit show, Gravity Falls.

Gravity Falls is about a pair of twins named Dipper and Mable Pines, who come to live with there Uncle Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon. But nothing is at all as it seems. Dipper and Mable soon realize that there is more to this town. Each episode, they discover a mystery either at the mystery shack (where Uncle Stan and the kids are staying at) or in the town that they have to solve.

There are a couple of things that I enjoy about this show. First, every episode is different. It’s not always the same thing every time. One episode can be about the towns founding, and the next episode could be about mermaids. Second, it’s unique. This show has crazy characters and wild adventures. I don’t see many shows like this one.  Finally, it takes classic topics and put new twists on them. An example is vampires. Vampires have been there and done that. But they kick it up another knock. In the first episode, Mable goes out with a vampire. But, the vampire is actually a group of lawn norms looking for a new queen.

This show over the past season had a ton of guest stars. Every one from Jeff Bennet to Coolio, and even Larry King. There’s a lot of media and merchandising that is dedicated to Gravity Falls. Everything from tee shirts to hats and even a podcast on iTunes devoted to it. Even though the show is off-beat, it brings a uniqueness and mystery that is perfect for all ages.

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