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by Simran P. – 6th Grade


    On Thursday, March 18th, our Chorus group wen ton a trip to the Boston Opera House to watch a great Broadway musical, The Lion King, stage directed by Julie Taymor. With a total length of about three hours, the musical is about a little lion named Simba who dreams of following his father’s footsteps to become king of the pride lands. One day, Mufasa, Simba’s father, reminds his son that he won’t always be around. When his father does die in the story, Simba learns that it is all up to him. He gets tricked by his cruel uncle Scar, and runs away. Much later, he is reminded that his father lives in him, which is finally when Simba discovers his royal power. With many action-packed scenes, The Lion King is powerfully weaved together to be a sensational musical.
    One thing that I greatly enjoyed about the production was the amazing costumes and stage decor. It File:BuyiZama Rafiki Taiwan.jpgfelt like everything fit into place amazingly. Much of the stage effects used were very creative, and helped make the story even more powerful. The characters did a great job with each of their roles, and the whole performance overall was theatrical.
    My favorite character in the play was Simba, the cute little baby cub that every member of the audience completely fell in love with while watching the show. While starting off as the playful baby lion with a curious personality, Simba grows to be a strong, powerful king, reflecting the strength of his father. With the help of Rafiki, the crazy baboon, Simba realizes who he really is, the king of the pride lands. This is definitely one reason why I am such a big fan of The Lion King. It was a great field trip, that will certainly become one of my favorite memories of sixth grade. 

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