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by Kaylee R – 8th Grade

Have you ever read a book that inspired you? Just think about it for a second, any book at all, even if it doesn’t hit you at first and you have to think about it. The book I am reading now is titled “Green Jasper,” by K.M Grant. This crusader’s novel is the second book in The De Ganville Trilogy. The characters hit a lot of rough patches along their already twisted, dangerous destiny. But they always keep faith, hope, and trust in the end.

From the first chapter of this story the characters have had faith in the future. “I must have faith,’ the girl whispered as she felt the ovals warm against her skin. ‘Gavin’s right. That’s the key to everything.” This quote is said during a hard time for the speaker, but she keeps faith in her husband-to-be. I agree that faith is the key to everything because without it people would be as cruel as a tornado. The characters need faith for the hard decisions throughout the book. Their faith inspires me that the end is never near, only the beginning.

The characters also trust each other and in God. “Ellie had the fate of the de Ganvilles in her hands.” Ellie says this from her comfortable tower prison when she realizes that free choices are becoming slimmer and slimmer. Ellie either marries a bad man or the people she loves will suffer. She must trust them to help her and they must trust in her to make the right decision for everyone. I haven’t finished the book yet but I hope she makes the right choice. Trust is what makes the world go round, without it we woldn’t go anywhere with confidence.

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