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The Don

by Tristan A. – 8th Grade

I drew this because I was inspired by my Sicilian background. I was so inspired I bought both of the Godfather video games, and I also saw the first Godfather movie.

It took very long to make this picture because I needed to keep every part in proportion so he didn’t look disfigured. I did this countless times until I got it just right. I do multiple drafts of drawings, just like when you write a novel.  You never really get it right the first few times.

I am best at drawing portraits of men. I think it is because their features are more defined and hard. With the Don I spent a lot of time on his nose (Probably because it took up half his face; I traced over it lightly and then darkened it up). Eyes, however, are my favorite part of the face to draw, because I think you can really read a person when you look deep in their eyes.

I always carry a pad of paper around with me, a few very sharp pencils, and a sharpener.You never know when the urge to draw will spike up in me.

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