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by Anna G. – 8th Grade

Why write fiction?  It’s funny how such a simple question can have such a complicated answer.  “All the time I wonder why I never wrote fantasy, authors like Stephanie Meyer and J.K. Rowling were very successful after writing the Harry Potter and Twilight books,”  explains visiting author Doug Wilhelm,  “…but I don’t write fantasy, because it doesn’t click with me.  I write stories that are realistic but still have a plot that keeps you reading, because that is the kind of story that I like to read myself.”  Wilhelm has written many books that are considered realistic fiction including Falling, The Revealers, and Raising the Shades.   Once these three books were mentioned, the curiosity of those who had read them was stirred, and many more questions surfaced. 

One student asked the question that many of us were wondering, “What is easier to write, fiction or non-fiction?”  Wilhelm explained that, “…with non-fiction, you have a story that you just need to add details to through research.”  And that, “With fiction, not only do you have to create your own characters, but you also have to create a plot for them to follow and obstacles for them to encounter along that plot.”    Other students asked Wilhelm about his personal writing style with questions like, “Do themes or characters re-occur in any of your books?”  To which he responded, “…none of my books have repetitive themes or characters except for the sequel to the Revealers that I’m writing, which is the first sequel I’ve ever written.”

After Wilhelm finished reminiscing about his personal experiences as a writer, he began to elaborate on the creative writing process.  One common question which led to others was, “How long does it take you to publish a book?”  Wilhelm explained to his audience that, “…one of my books was rejected many times, and was still never published,” and, “The publishers have much more power than the writer when it comes to publishing a book.”  Sometimes we don’t realize what kind of valuable insight we can get from authors that may not be as well-known.  Doug Wilhelm inspired me and hopefully many of those interested in writing here at Parker.

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