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 by Maria G. – 8th Grade

 March 12th, 2010.  Annabelle’s beloved elderly sister will be boarding the plane on a two-week trip to Mexico.  Afraid of the earthquake hotspots, poisonous insects, flues and more, she constantly begs her sister not to leave.  Annabelle is not surprised to hear “why wouldn’t I?,” her sister’s nonchalant reply, as she has received this answer many times before.  One day before the departure, Annabelle slips some insect repellent, vaccines, and a survival kit into the over-packed duffle bag by the front door.  Annabelle spends this last night dreading the day to come.

          Beep, beep, beep, beep. Slam.  Annabelle’s alarm clock is on the ground.  6:40, it reads.  She springs from her bed and runs down the stairs. However, she is too late. Her older sister has already left for Mexico. File:Ulyanovsk-2008-an-124 flight.jpgConvincing herself that everything will go fine, she worriedly gulps down breakfast and slips into old clothes.  She hurries off to school where her French teacher is, yet again, teaching some pointless lesson.  J’ai, Tu as, and every other French possessive noun are carelessly slipping from Annabelle’s mouth as she clicks her pen and thinks about her sister.  Next period, in Mr. James’ English class, the phone rings.  “Annabelle Brown, your mother is on the phone for you.”  She jumps from her seat, hoping it is news about her older sister’s safe landing to Mexico.  She throws the phone to her ear and immediately hears the sobs of her mom.  “Ann-annabelle, your sister… she’s been in a plane crash.”  Tears swell up in her eyes, as she is trying to put the pieces together.  Tybalt and Romeo are battling one minute, and she is receiving her own tragic news the next. 

          Annabelle’s mother picked her up from school early that day, and they mourned over their loss together.  Spending the rest of the day in her room, she throws out everything that would remind her of her sister.  Pictures, books, cards and clothes are rocketing out of her room and into the trash.  Annabelle is positive everything is gone, and she returns downstairs to her mother. On her way down the stairs, she spots a small, neon yellow sticky-note, isolated from the rest of the junk on the staircase.  Annabelle picks it up and begins to read it.


Thanks for the survival kit.

Don’t worry about me!

“Why wouldn’t I?” Annabelle thinks.

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